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Build Muscle by Bodyweight
Taught By Daniel Vadnal,
Calisthenics Expert, Physiotherapist and Youtube Influencer
Ryan C. Hurst
Program Director, GMB Fitness

"Having created a few ring training programs myself, it's great to see that Daniel has put so much thought into smart progressions and quality programming.
If you're looking to build solid muscle with gymnastic rings, Body By Rings includes clear instruction and high quality videos that will take you there.
What is Body By Rings?
A 3 Level Calisthenics Program for building muscle by bodyweight.
How does Body By Rings work?
The entire training program is available the moment registration is complete.
Train at Your Own Pace
Body By Rings includes over 18 weeks of training. We teach you how to modify each exercise to suit ALL strength levels, beginner-advanced. 
Full Video Library and Exercise Guide
The training portal contains over 40 HD exercise demonstrations, coaching you through all the exercises with perfect form to maximize muscle gain.
Mobile and Tablet Friendly
The Body By Rings system has been optimized for all devices including mobile and tablet, making it your perfect companion when you want to train your upper body on-the-go.

Review and Revisit as Much as You Like
Once you’ve purchased Body By Rings, the course will be permanently available for you to access, including any future updates.
The Video Portal
The portal consists of six sections, covering over 40 exercise demonstrations.
Each section is designed for you to build mass with body weight.
01 | Warmup & Stretches 
Prepare the body before your workout to minimise injury risk and maximise training performance. Ring stretches shown to increase flexibility. 

02 | Pull Exercises
Learn how to target the back and biceps from a variety of angles. Over 15 unique muscle building exercises taught. 

03 | Push Exercises 
Use the rings to sculpt a bigger chest, triceps and shoulders. The instability created by the rings is effective for growing these stubborn muscles. Over 13 variations taught!
04 | Bonus Videos and Training Log Pack
Learn the important principles for maximising long term muscle growth. Spreadsheets for tracking training are also provided - "What gets measured gets managed."

The Written Guide
The Body By Rings written guide explains the most important information for building muscle:
01 | How to measure your physique in a healthy way for tracking progress. 
02 | The optimal training structure for building muscle using rings. 
03 | Using accumulation and intensification protocols to force muscle growth in the upper body. 
04 | How to workout to decrease muscle imbalances. 
05 | Learn how to harness the power of "deloading" to optimise recovery.
06 | Select the perfect exercise intensity and volume for your strength level (Beginner-Advanced) 
07 | How to continue improving on an exercise when progress stalls. 
08 | When failure training is needed and when it is not. 
09 | Why both high rep and low rep sets are a MUST for building muscle. 
10 | Rest time science.. why it's important to choose the correct rest time depending on the exercise. 

Daniel was constantly being asked how he built his physique using only bodyweight exercises. He decided to put together a training program which incorporated the effective exercises he uses to build muscle.

Body by Rings is the result of over a decade of experience and reseach. Daniel provides you with the formula to follow to build muscle by bodyweight. No more guesswork when it comes to getting results. 

The knowledge and results will be yours for life. 

Daniel’s passion is empowering people with the knowledge to transform their bodies. He is currently in high-demand as a Physiotherapist in Melbourne while also teaching bodyweight workshops all over Australia.

Daniel applies all key principles from Body By Rings in his own training and teachings.
Daniel loves the ability to train anywhere, anytime and  understands the power of bodyweight training. Daniel has built his physique and strength by progressing with bodyweight exercises. Plus, it allows him to continue building muscle while traveling for work or holidays. 

People often think they can’t build an aesthetic and muscular physique using only bodyweight exercises.  They are wrong. With the correct exercises and and following an evidence based training program the body has no choice but to grow! 

Why continue to be unhappy with your body? The results will be addictive - never shy away from taking your top off ever again. 
Real People, Real Results
Adam Raw

"I highly recommend Body By Rings to anyone who needs professional training knowledge from the guy who has real life results. 

Daniel knows his area of training very well and this program greatly reflects his many years of experience. I believe it will bring results (size and strength gain) to anyone following it properly and the information included can greatly help to prevent any injuries, imbalances and wrong approaches that most beginners unfortunately experiences way too often. 

Recommended not just to beginners but also advanced workout enthusiasts!"
Customer Testimonials
Frequently Asked Questions
What level of strength is needed?
The main advantage of gymnastic rings is adaptability. You will be taught how to adjust intensity for all exercises in the program. This means the difficulty of each workout can be customised to suit YOUR level. Regardless if you are a beginner or someone who has been training for years! 

Minimum requirements:
5 bar pullups
5  parallel bar dips
10 floor pushups

My main goal is to get skills such as planches and levers, is this program for me?
Body By Rings does not cover skills or static exercises. We recommend following a workout designed specifically for skills. FitnessFAQs has a specialised program called Planche Pro to help you master the straddle. 

Is nutrition covered?
Principles underpinning nutrition for hypertrophy purposes are briefly mentioned. A diet plan is not provided with Body By Rings.

Are bodyweight leg workouts included?
No. Providing lower body exercises with gymnastics rings would be a gimmick, we're not about that. Our Limitless Legs program will help you get big legs with bodyweight exercises.

How many workouts per week? How long do they take?
You will complete 4 sessions per week of upper body training. A typical workout will last between 1 - 1.5 hours.

Is stretching covered?
Yes. A dynamic warmup for the purposes of priming the body for training is included. A shoulder mobility sequence is shown using resistance bands to facilitate scapula movement, allowing greater training output.
Loaded stretching for the upper body is also covered.

Are rings included with the program?
No. Gymnastics rings are not included with the training series, you will have to purchase them separately.

The knowledge and results are yours for life.
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